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Horien Ultra Comfort
Maxi Pack 360 ml + 120 ml is an improved version of popular solution Horien Ultra Comfort.
Horien BestBalance™
Multipurpose solution with hypromellose

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Horien BestBalance™ is a multipurpose contact lens solution designed for all types of contact lenses, both corrective (including silicone hydrogel lenses) and cosmetic ones. It can be used for:

lens cleaning
protein removal

The solution contains hypromellose – a water-soluble cellulose derivative. Hypromellose is a viscoelastic substance, which dissolved in water has physicochemical properties allowing it to be used in the so-called “artificial tear” preparations. The solution adheres well to the cornea and conjunctiva surface, and is characterized by good viscosity, elasticity and adhesion level, which ensures long-lasting eye hydration. Under physiological conditions, adequate humidity of the corneal surface is ensured by a thin layer of tear fluid adhering to the surface of the eye. If the amount or the composition of the tear fluid is distorted, the cornea and conjunctiva become dry, which leads to the dry-eye syndrome with symptoms such as eye irritation, burning, dryness, sand feeling in the eye, pain and photosensitivity.

PHMB 0.0001%, 0,05% EDTA, Hypromellose, D-sorbitol, Poloxamer, Boric acid, Sodium chloride, Borax.
Type: Multipurpose contact lens solution (including silicone hydrogel lenses)
Lens case included: Yes
Available sizes: 80ml, 120ml, 360ml, 500ml


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