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Frequently asked questions about CONTACT LENSES


1. Can a contact lens get behind my eye?
No, it is physically impossible. The lens can only get under your eyelid, but even if that happens, it can be removed easily.
2. Under special circumstances, can I use water to clean my lenses?
No, contact lenses can be cleaned exclusively with a special disinfecting solution. Cleaning your lens with any other liquid, including water, can damage it.
3. What can I do if I feel discomfort after putting on my lenses?
First of all, you should check if the lens is not damaged or if there is any foreign object in your eye. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your hands before you remove the lens. Check for any tear or dirt. If your lens looks OK, cleanse it carefully with the disinfecting solution and put on again. If you find that the lens is damaged – dispose of it and use a new one.
4. Does allergy make it impossible to use contact lenses?
No, but you must remember that allergens can stick to the surface of your lenses and in this way increase the immune response even more. If you suffer from allergies the safest solution is to use disposable lenses.
5. What contact lenses are the best?
There is no such thing as „perfect” contact lenses, as everybody has different preferences. A specialist will determine what type of lenses is the best suited for each patient – disposable OR monthly, for daily removal OR extended use.
6. Can I wear contact lenses while playing sports?
By all means. Contact lenses are the best choice for sportsmen and anybody who enjoys physical activity, as they improve our visible field.
7. Can I alternate between contact lenses and glasses?
Of course. Contact lenses and glasses can be worn alternatively depending on what you do and how you feel. You can choose freely for your best comfort :)
8. Can a contact lens fall out of my eye?
As long as your lenses are carefully adjusted by a specialist, they should not fall out. A lens can get displaced on your eye, but a few blinks should help it return to its proper position.
9. I suffer from astigmatism. Can I use contact lenses?
Yes. People with astigmatism can use special toric lenses which guarantee comfort and effectivity. Their parameters should, of course, be adjusted with the highest precision by a specialist, as apart from the standard parameters, such as diameter and base curve, toric lenses also differ in axis and cylinder.
10. What is the base curve and diameter of contact lenses?
The base curve is the radius of the sphere of the back of the lens, and its diameter is the distance between one side of the lens and the other, passing through its center. For the best comfort, both parameters should be adjusted by a specialist.
11. Can I use contact lenses if I had eye surgery?
Using contact lenses after any eye procedure is a very individual matter and it should be discussed with a specialist.
12. Can I wear makeup with contact lenses?
Yes, but you must remember about the right order: put on the lenses -> apply makeup -> take off the lenses -> remove makeup.
13. Will I feel contact lenses sitting on my eyes?
As long as your lenses are properly taken care of and used and they have been selected by a specialist, they should be very comfortable and you should not feel them on your eyes :)
14. Will contact lenses do any harm to my eyes?
No, as long as you have your eyes checked regularly and you replace and care for your lenses as recommended.
15. At what age can I start wearing contact lenses?
There is no determined age at which one can start wearing contact lenses. Yet, it is important to keep in mind that lenses require proper care, which implies responsibility and maturity.
16. What is the difference between disposable and reusable lenses?
The disposable lenses (one-day-use) should only be used one time and once removed should be discarded. On the other hand, the reusable lenses (2-week, monthly or quarterly) can be used during the recommended time as long as they are properly taken care of.
17. How often should I get my eyes checked by a specialist?
Unless your doctor has determined differently, it is best if you get your eyes checked every 6-12 months.
18. What sight impairments can be corrected with the use of contact lenses?
Contact lenses can correct all sorts of sight impairments – short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia (old-sightedness).


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