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How to correctly care for CONTACT LENSES
The health and the best possible comfort of our eyes is our priority! This is why it is so important to learn how to correctly care for our contact lenses with the use of a special disinfecting solution.

Important indications!

Wash your hands carefully!

In order to avoid eye-irritation, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry your hands with a lint-free towel before each use.

Always start with the same eye

To prevent from mixing your lenses up, it is best to always start with the same eye every time you put on or remove them.

Once removed- clean your lenses!

In order to get rid of any germs, multiple-use lenses must be thoroughly cleaned immediately after removal.

Clean your lenses exclusively with the use of a special disinfecting solution!

Don’t use tap water, sterilized water or eye drops, as they can produce damage to your lenses and eye infection or damage.


How to clean my contact lenses correctly?

  1. Rinse and fill the case with fresh solution every time.
  2. Place the first lens in a clean and dry palm of one hand and then cleanse it with a few drops of the disinfecting solution rubbing it slowly with your finger.
  3. Rinse the lens carefully with other few drops of the solution and place it in its case. Repeat the same procedure with the second lens.
  4. In case you don’t wear your lenses every day, remember to read the instructions for the proper use of the disinfecting solution to make sure for how long to disinfect your lenses and how often should the solution be replaced.


How to clean my lens case correctly?

  1. Empty the case and rinse it with fresh disinfecting solution. Don’t use water to clean your case, as it can contain impurities.
  2. Turn the case over and leave it to dry. To keep it germ-free, make sure not to store the lens case close to the toilet or in a humid place
  3. The lens case should be replaced regularly – hopefully once a month.


For best care and effectiveness of your contact lenses always follow the recommendations of a specialist and read the instructions that come with your lenses, the lens case and the cleaning solution.


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